Pedro Farina


70 cm x 105 cm

The technological advancement in the 21st century has diluted personal relationships and made us extremely dependent on electronic resources. We are suffocated by something we have built, and we don't know how to live without it. The results are Mutants, Cyborgs, Androids.

By establishing a relationship between body and different spaces, I seek to materialize these beings, inhabitants of Mother-Nature, but also of Mother-City. Wires, wood, concrete and forest are mixed in a massive way with human being. It is a metamorphosis, a transformation that, maybe, has no come back.

Technology can be used to save lives, reduce pollution, spread information and shorten distances. This would be the techno-progressive current, when it contributes to human evolution and social changes. In this immersion, I propose to use technology to our advantage, without losing connection to the environment.

Work performed with Isabelle Reullon and Priscila Piantanida.

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