Pedro Farina

Women of Vila Mimosa

Multiple formats and varying sizes: light box, methacrylate, canvas and sheets collected in Vila Mimosa

Vila Mimosa is Latin America's largest brothel, located in Rio de Janeiro. For a year, we have been there always on weekends, during the day, to meet those professional women. We recorded their stories, wrote about their lives, and also photographed them. Some images were printed on sheets collected where they slept and made sex.

Each time we have entered in their small and dark rooms, we paid R$ 28,00 to spend 30 minutes with them. We did not seek to have sexual relations, even if sexual practice has not been prohibited. We wanted to relate to them. To look in their eyes and see what is reflected. To hear their voices and dreams.

We propose a reflection on women's empowerment and rights, and on taboos involving sexuality and pleasure. In the end of the work we realized we have much more in common with those women than we have ever imagined.

Work performed with Marcelo Carrera

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