Pedro Farina


Light box
70 cm x 105 cm
Caixa de Luz

This work consists of a search for the absolute silence, in a world saturated by noise pollution and urban cacophony. The main idea was to investigate how a hypothetical planet disproved of any kind of sound would be. In the work 4'33', John Cage made clear this was an impossible endeavour.

What does "silence" mean?  Would it be the complete absence of noise? Everything that moves makes a sound. Everything that is alive makes a sound. Just like the beat of our hearts, or the inhale and exhale of our breathing.

I started to observe small vibrations, the ones close to us, in our daily routine. We need to communicate to each other, to be informed, to entertain ourselves, don`t we? Is that a choice or a need?

In the real world, beeping devices make part of our lives, as well as thundering television advertisings. In a utopic world, our houses would not be inhabited by all of these household items.

I collected second hand appliances in bazaars an installed them in an abandoned building. They were left there under rain and wind action. One week later, I went back to register.

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